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Ooh, I’m finding some good employment opportunities tonight! Hopefully, I’ll find something to sustain my growing agricultural enterprises. I am even applying for a very ideal position at a prestigious Episcopal parish in NYC, and if chosen, I’d work in the city for a while and hopefully save up enough money to buy a farm. Hope remains!

I am no longer considering the farm in New York. Not only would my farming operations be hindered by the ban on retail sale of raw milk, my ministry in the Episcopal Church would be hindered by the very conservative bishop heading the Diocese of Albany. 

I’ll continue to work to make both vocations happen.

Here's why you have to refrigerate eggs in the U.S. but not in Europe      

When laid, eggs have their own antibacterial coating. In the US, commercial birds don’t have a clean environment in which to lay because we overcrowd coops and have poor sanitation. So we wash, bleach, and artificially coat eggs with a protective layer. But washing opens up the shell pores to bacteria. My hens lay in a clean area and eggs need not be washed nor refrigerated.

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