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Dresses, Funeral Homes…

I can’t wait to start wearing dresses. I will be doing so once I have the money to splurge on clothes. I have never cared about societal norms, so that’s not a big issue for me. As an androgynous man, wearing feminine-related clothing is part of my gender expression and I want to start doing it more often.

Also, my priest had suggested I consider the funeral business to pay the bills. Of course I want to be a farmer, but this would meet my immediate needs until farming were viable for me. My priest had been in the business and almost bought a funeral home. So I sent out a few emails today and I’ll send more tomorrow. Also I was thinking that if I ever ran a church, I’d like the church to own and operate a funeral home to support itself. Just a random thought…

My computer is still down. I gotta find a Windows 8 disc to repair the startup program. That’s very frustrating. But I did manage to get a lot of work done today and yesterday since I wasn’t distracted by the computer. I put a new rug on the living room, rearranged my Nana’s bedroom, and took up a rug in a spare room so I can lay hay and newspaper and keep my Serama hens indoors. They’re considered pets, but I’ll be using them to sit on fertile quail eggs. It’s been very cool lately, so I think they should be inside once I go get them. That’s all that’s going on at the moment, so yeah.

I’m a Progressive Christian but I am NOT a Liberal Christian. There is a difference. Though both reject Bible literalism, liberal Christianity usually rejects ALL dogma. As a Progressive Christian I accept most of the dogma considered orthodox and place special importance on social justice, care for the poor, and acceptance of human diversity.

The thing that distinguishes my theology the most is Trinitarian Universalism. I believe what the gospel says: all will see God’s salvation. I do not believe in eternal damnation but rather hold that’ll all will make it in and I accept that there are multiple paths to God if you choose to seek God in this life.

I believe all this while remaining committed and loyal to the Christian faith, because it is the primary way I have chosen to seek God; I also seek God through nature, which is likely why I’m so drawn to farming.

But I fully embrace the ancient creeds and the mysteries of our faith. They may not all make sense, but if everything could be explained, what would that leave of God?

I listened to a little of an interview with Jack Spong. He’s right about some things, such as importance of the the fact that the gospels were not written until two generations after Christ’s death and resurrection and that the Church seems to be affixed to issues concerning sexuality and with micromanaging the lives of its adherents.

But then he goes on to discount all of Jesus’ miracles and the virgin birth. That’s all I could take. If you don’t believe in any of the mysteries of faith or even the divineness of Jesus, what is there left to believe?

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